Aluminum Floating Boathouses

Build a Boathouse For an Affordable Price

Build a Boathouse For an Affordable Price

Construct a floating boathouse or custom aluminum boathouse in the Northport, & Tuscaloosa, AL area

If an aluminum boathouse would meet your needs and fit into your budget, you've found an excellent company. Dockworx Marine Construction provides custom aluminum boathouse construction services.

Our company based in Northport, & Tuscaloosa, AL serves all areas in Alabama. For more than 20 years, we've been framing floating boathouses with metal or wood, then covering them with aluminum siding. We've also been installing ladders and accessories. To discuss what we can do for you, call a local contractor today.

Why Dockworx Marine Construction?

When you choose a company to build your floating boathouse, you want to be sure that they're fully prepared for the job. In addition to our experience, we'll bring a wide range of skills and carefully selected materials to the table. We're proud to work with Wahoo Docks products. For a free estimate on a custom aluminum boathouse with some of the best materials, email us right away.